Actions in Afghanistan

AFRANE believes that education is an essential key to sustainable reconstruction and overcoming its internal divisions and wounds. It is in the context of signed protocols with the Afghan government to help restart the Afghan education system.
The objectives of AFRANE are :

  • Promote quality education through an environment, motivated teachers, a serious discipline and active teaching methods.
  • Help ensure that these programs send students an open and critical mind, allow them to deepen their knowledge of both national languages ​​and science subjects, educate them tolerance and rejection of violence
  • Allow teachers and students who want to learn French, to give them access to a foreign culture and a window on the world, with further opportunities for educational cooperation with French teachers and school connections.
  • Building, rebuild and equip schools ravaged by 25 years of war. Click to view construction since 2002

  • AFRANE (Franco-Afghan friendship)

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